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Welcome to the South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies The South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies at Clemson University was founded by the State Legislature in 1982 to help South Carolina and the nation address energy related issues.

Waste Technology Program

Project Overview

The South Carolina Institute For Energy Studies, through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Energy (DOE), managed the Solid Waste Technology Program (WTP). This two year program was designed to assist in the development and demonstration of technologies and processes that efficiently and effectively recycle, recover, and reuse Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). The program was a partnership with the federal and state government, universities, and private industries. The objectives of the program were improved land-use practices, reduced MSW disposal/treatment costs, and enhanced groundwater protection strategies. Ultimately, the goal of the WTP was to demonstrate that MSW is not a zero-valued material, but rather an exploitable asset.

Project Participants

South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies
U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority

For more information contact:

Robert Leitner, SCIES Director


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