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Core Campus


Big changes are coming to Clemson’s campus. A new development, known as Core Campus, will restore the vitality of the middle of campus in a modern and innovative fashion. This breath of life for the epicenter of student life at Clemson will come with the addition of 260,000 square feet of mixed-use student space. This project, which has been a Clemson vision for over a decade, will include residence halls, a new dining hall, a student-athlete enrichment center and academic space among other facilities. 

The Snow Family Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Facility


We envision an Outdoor Wellness and Fitness Center that will provide an expansive area for training, social opportunities and classroom activities. The Club Sports and Intramural programs that call the CBRA home will no longer have a sunset curfew and can play later into the evening, providing students with more free time during the day for study, work or class. The CORE program will be able to offer additional services and provide modern facilities to host their skills training, rental facilities and pre-trip meetings. With lights and up-to-date restroom accommodations at the beach, student organizations can host bonfires and other late-night, alcohol-free programming centered around student engagement and socialization. 

Barnes Center


While the Edgar A. Brown Union and Hendrix Student Center both offer lounge, study, dining and some recreation opportunities, they do not replace the need for central and accessible places for students. Mandy Hays, director of Campus Activities and Events says, “In order for students to regularly attend events and stay on campus, we’ve got to have exciting and consistent programming. The Barnes Center will provide a social destination for students to attend regular, weekly events, late at night that are open to everyone.” Although the University has been given many gifts to fund activities like U-NITES!, these monetary gifts provide only temporary solutions and are often one-time funds.

Douthit Hills


By executing on its mission to create a living and learning environment for students with the highest standards related to place-making and sustainability, Clemson University, will provide a unique living experience on Douthit Hills. Doing so will enhance the University’s ability to attract the nation’s most talented students and faculty and realize the goal of becoming a top-20 public academic institution. Located at the entrance to the University amongst the rich history, nature and culture of Clemson, our vision is to sensitively develop an environmentally centered mixed-use residential community that is artfully designed to inspire social and academic interactions, enhance the academic experience, and advance personal and community growth. The timing is motivated by the University’s effort to elevate its stature and improve its already respectable position as one of the nation’s top public research institutions. The project responds to changing attitudes about living in a way that is reflective of sustainability principles and values while strenghtening revenue generation and revitalizing campus life and the Clemson experience. The project as proposed will demonstrates a new vision for how academic living can enrich the lives of those who live, learn and play there.

Samuel J. Cadden Chapel


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