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CARE Network


If a current student has an emergency or needs immediate attention, please click here to learn how best to respond, as filing a CARE report is NOT an appropriate first step.   


If a current student poses a threat of harm to self or others, please call the Clemson University Police Department immediately at 864-656-2222.


CARE reports are NOT reviewed outside of business hours. Business hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. The office is closed on all university holidays.


The CARE Network is designed to be one of the ways to help connect current students with the resources to help support them.  Common reasons for a CARE Network referral can include, but are not limited to the following: 

Click Here to File a CARE network report.

Additional Information

When faculty and staff will hear from The Office of Advocacy & Success:

  1. Notification of Absences  We do not excuse absences. We merely provide a mechanism to support student communication about absences when they are unable to notify professors themselves. We always encourage students to openly communicate with professors when missing class and about any missed assignments.

  2. Request for Verification of Class Attendance – Typically in response to a concern expressed by another member of our community a quick response is often requested and greatly appreciated.

  3. Request for assistance in supporting a student following a significant personal incident – Please note that we do not request formal accommodation of any kind for students, as that would be done through Student Accessibility Services (SAS) according to the policy they have in place. 

For more Faculty & Staff specific information, please click here