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Off-Campus Living:

Where to Find Off-Campus Housing

Clemson worked with Off Campus Partners, LLC, a collection of local rental property managers, to create Clemson Off Campus. This website allows students to easily find a variety of housing options available off-campus. While this resource is provided as a service to Clemson students, the University makes no representations about the conditions of any property found through this site, has no role in any transactions involving these properties, and in no way endorses any of the properties found through use of this information.

Please be aware that with any transaction, especially those that occur over the web, there is the potential for fraud. Always check sources, confirm identities, and establish credibility with anyone you interact with in the property search process. 

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clemson off campus living guide

View our Off Campus Living Guide HERE.

off campus living guide


Looking for a Roommate or Sublet

  • Meet any potential roommates or sublets before agreeing to room with them or allowing them to sublet your apartment.

  • Talk about your expectations and do not agree to live with someone or sublet to someone who will not respect your apartment or living preferences.

  • Do not make rent or other expense payments for roommates or sublets 

What to Discuss with Roommates

  • Who will occupy specific bedrooms and how the rent will be spilt per person, if not stated in the lease.

  • Concerning the purchase of food - will it be for individual or communal consumption?

  • The purchase of household supplies and furniture.

  • Who places the utilities in their name, and how those are paid each month.

  • The use of personal items and individual property. Think of the major items like personal computers and entertainment equipment as well as smaller items like toiletries

  • How to remedy situations when personal property is damaged or comes up missing when the responsible party cannot be identified

  • Creating a policy for entertaining guests. Discuss with your roommates rules on overnight guests and how long guests can stay.


Conflicts do occur between roommates. It is important to try and resolve disputes promptly when they arise with tact and honesty. Remember, try to remain calm and diplomatic when dealing with these disagreements. Open lines of communication can be critical in helping to resolve disputes in an effective manner. If you are unable to resolve a conflict, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 864-656-0935 and one of our staff members can evaluate the situations to see how we can be most helpful. 

Utilities Tips

You found the place, you signed the lease, now it is time to make the move!  Before you pile your belongings into your new home, contact local service providers to get connected with utilities.  Often times, finding a utility provider is tricky.  Will your new power provider be Duke Energy or Blue Ridge Electric? Are your water and sewer bills combined? If you are renting, the landlord may be able to provide a list of your property service providers.  You may also contact your local town hall to see what utilities are provided by the municipality.

By simply providing your new address, most providers can determine if you are in their service area.  Many areas of the Clemson community overlap, for example, you may live in the Town of Central, but have water service from the City of Clemson.  These gray areas can be confusing and frustrating. Below are four municipalities with a close proximity to Clemson University and they may be of service to you:

Some things to consider when getting connected:

  • Know your address. Be sure to include details such as house or apartment numbers when relaying this information.

  • Be financially prepared to provide security deposits to many, or possibly all of your new utility provides. Trying to open several new accounts at once can be a costly endeavor.

  • Determine who will pay the bills. If you live with roommates, someone will have to put the utility account in their name. This person will be ultimately responsible for the account, including late or miss payments. Be sure that all bills and monthly payment responsibilities are discussed in advance. 

  • Find out what is required. Many utility provides require a copy of your drivers license or even social security card in order to start a new account. You may have to sign an agreement, or contract, and complete paperwork on site.

  • Is there anyone home? Find out if new service will begin automatically, or if someone must be present to meet with a technician for connections. Are you comfortable being home alone and do you have time to meet them during their operating hours? 

Getting connected with utility providers is a very important step when moving Off-Campus.  Be sure to do your homework and make this experience as enjoyable as possible.

Water Providers

  • City of Clemson Water/Utility 864.623.2035 

  • Seneca Light & Water 864.885.2723 

  • Pioneer Water 864.972.3082 

  • Six Mile Rural Water District 864.868.0942 

  • Sandy Springs Water District 864.646.7729 

  • Easley Central Water District 864.639.2883

  • Pendleton Water Works 864.646.3622 

Electric/Power Providers

  • Duke Energy 1.800.777.9898 

  • Blue Ridge Electric CoOp 864.878.6326

Other Utilities

  • Fort Hill Natural Gas 864.882.8126

  • Northland Cable 864.882.0002