Students of Color

Student of Color

 Students of color enrich the fabric of Clemson University. Students of color is a term used for students who identify as Black or African-American, Latinx, Asian, Native American and/or multiple of the aforementioned racial identities. We make a conscious effort to use the term students of color instead of minority students as a form of student-first language but also in recognizing the term “minority” implies a lesser than status. We want you to know your experience is not a lesser than experience. Students of color at Clemson are award-winning, academic achievers and leaders. Our university makes strides everyday toward sustaining a welcoming and supportive environment for all students. A number of our academic colleges,along with Student Affairs,have programs designed to support the success of students of color. In spring 2019, the CONNECTIONS Program, a signature program in support of students of color was recognized by NASPA as a Program of Excellence in the category of enrollment management, financial aid, orientation, parents, persistence and first-year.Your peers in various racial and ethnic identity-based organizations also do important work in advocating for your needs and building community.

Community Achievement and Student Empowerment (CASE)provides a number of services to support students of color in attaining their educational goals and developing a sense of belonging to and within Clemson:

Highlights for the Student of Color Community