Office of Creative Services

Faces of the Gala 2010

Here are some of the students you will meet.

Lindsey Mayweather

Lyndsey Mayweather
Connections Peer Mentor

"Connections is the biggest thing I'm involved with at Clemson. It's hard being a minority when you first come to college, and Connections is a great way to meet other minorities and make new connections. I know what I'm doing now and found my voice. Being a part of Connections has made me realize I want to pursue a master's degree in Student Affairs after graduating."

Shawqui ElTarazi

Shawqi El-Tarazi
Resident Assistant, sophoMORE be MORE Community

"When I first came to Clemson, it was a rough experience for me coming overseas from the United Arab Emirates. I became an RA to help other students transition from their freshman year and as a way to meet new people. The Student Affairs programs have given me so many connections with different people. I'm prepared to go out into the world and treat people with respect and integrity. From wanting to leave initially to making it my life to inspire other students, I'm so thankful that I came to Clemson."

Amy Gray

Amy Gray
Graduate Assistant, Orientation

"Through my involvement in Orientation and sorority as an undergrad, I thought Student Affairs would be a great fit for a graduate degree. Although my assistantship is with Orientation, I'm also working in alumni relations and development and enjoying that side of Student Affairs. Eventually I hope to be hired to work in Student Affairs at the collegiate level because this is my calling."

Jamie Fuller

Jamie Fuller
MLK Planning Committee

"I really enjoy the Student Affairs programs at Clemson. They are a great way to get yourself out there and get involved on campus. After years of being a member of the Martin Luther King Jr. planning committee, I've become more of a people person. The MLK events are a really good experience to give back to the community during the day of service as well as learn more about black history as a whole. I now want to go to graduate school and possibly even major in Student Affairs."

Damondray Hunter image

Demondray Hunter
Resident Assistant

"Student Affairs has made me a better person in the way of public communication, learning in a direct environment and also getting along with individuals with several different cultural backgrounds. Viewing people in that aspect helps people bond together to build a healthier relationship in residence halls. Without Student Affairs, I could never have improved my fear of speaking in front of a large crowd. I've learned that giving back to the community and others is a very beneficial tool in enhancing the student body in any way possible."


Katrina Obas
EMpower Event Coordinator

"I've enjoyed learning about alcohol safety and learning how to reach out to students. As a health science major, the public health aspect of EMpower (health prevention) has been very useful. EMpower has made me a stronger, more confident, more knowledgeable person and therefore a more well-rounded individual."


Keiona Eady
Orientation Ambassador

"My greatest fear was that I would be a small figure at such a great University, but now I know that I can do anything that I aspire. Student Affairs programs have granted me wonderful opportunities to serve, lead and learn. The programs here have helped me enhance certain life skills, including working through obstacles, how to make better ethical judgments, exploring new possibilities fearlessly, and effective communication within our world's diverse population."


Lauren Toperzer
Graduate Assistant, Campus Recreation

"Working for the facilities area of the Department of Campus Recreation is more than providing a safe and clean workout environment at Fike Recreation Center; it is about creating relationships with the patrons. I have made lifelong friends participating in Student Affairs programs. Because Campus Recreation gave me the opportunity to teach my own fitness classes, I made several friends on campus and created an image for myself that I loved."


Loren Klingman
TigerPaw Productions, Associate Director of Technology Development

"I enjoy working with Student Affairs programs because they provide me with opportunities to use my computer science skills, get on-campus experience in my major and work with my hobbies. I've gained experience in budgeting my time and instructing others on completing a task. I've also been able to work with other students to form friendships and work with faculty members to form relationships that will assist my getting a job and going to graduate school."


Sabrina Brown
Graduate Assistant, Resident Director

"I have an assistantship within University Housing and serve as the Resident Director of Lightsey Bridge II. I love seeing students find their passions, and I enjoy helping them figure out how they can best contribute to our world and find their fit. Student Affairs has helped me realize how much of a difference I can make in the lives of students. Without Student Affairs, I would have never found my passion and calling in life. I don't know if I would be the same person I am today."


Suzanne Pickens
College Panhellenic President

"I have gained my closest friends and developed relationships with various peers and staff, which has enhanced my Clemson Experience. I would not have gained many of the positive attributes that I possess today without the implementation of these programs within Clemson. Student Affairs programs have provided me with fun social events in which I have been able to meet various types of people. They have also taught me how to be a selfless leader and to continue to get involved in as many student organizations on campus as possible."


Taylor Morris
TigerPaw Productions Hospitality Director

"Having the opportunity to work with so many diverse people in different situations makes life fun and helps relieve the stress of the academic part of college. These opportunities and others are only possible through the great organizations and options offered inside of Clemson's Student Affairs division. The Division of Student Affairs offers so many opportunities for students at Clemson to get involved and challenge themselves not only academically but also in the field of leadership and through physical activity. In my opinion, those are three key components of a college education."


Ashley Crisp
Editor-in-Chief, The Tiger Newspaper

"Student Affairs allows me to build additional skills and explore fields that I couldn't necessarily find in a classroom. I have met some great mentors and other student leaders. The door to talk to someone or ask a question is always open when I need it. Working with Student Media and The Tiger gave me guidance when I needed to be successful in operating my organization."


Arthur Doctor
National Pan-Hellenic Council President

"Student Affairs has enhanced my life because I have become a much more selfless and diverse person. I have made friendships with students from all walks of life and become much more concerned with the success of other students. My personal scope would not be as broad as it is without Student Affairs, and I wouldn't be focused on making the experience at Clemson as well rounded for others like it has been for me."


James Clinton
Interfraternity Council President

"Student Affairs has provided me with the programming and support that will transition me from college life into the business world. It offers realistic and beneficial programs that students can learn from, relate to and enjoy. Clemson is an environment full of tradition, community and happiness that Student Affairs emphasizes and contributes toward. I would have never realized how unique and special Clemson University is without Student Affairs."



Ryan Duane
Undergraduate Student Government President

"I enjoy working with Student Affairs because they allow me the opportunity to interact with students and administration to work on projects that positively impact Clemson. No one else's college experience in the country has been as complete and as rewarding as the Clemson Experience. Student Affairs is truly a one-of-a kind department within the academic community."


Tammy Vaught
Graduate Student Government President

"Student Affairs has had a tremendous impact on my life. My entire dissertation topic changed because of my encounters and work with Student Affairs. They have been willing to take suggestions and implement ideas that would benefit graduate students, and I believe that Student Affairs is committed to making the experiences of graduate students better. There is no group on campus more dedicated to the overall well being of students than Student Affairs."



Matt Fowler
Graduate Student Government President-elect

"Student Affairs offers the opportunity to become engaged with the University's leadership (both students and administrators). Student Affairs also offers a number of unique services to students, and their approach to mentoring future student leaders is one service that has impacted me the most while at Clemson."