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Swann Fitness Center at Fike History

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1930 - Clemson Field House Opens

On January 7, Clemson dedicates the new Field House gymnasium at the Clemson versus Furman basketball game. Clemson architect Rudolph Lee designs the Field House to accommodate the athletic department, basketball courts and a student activity area. The second building in the three-building facility, a smaller gymnasium, is completed in 1932.

1941 - Clemson Field House Completed

Delayed by the Great Depression, the final structure of the three-building Field House is complete. The new building includes lodgings for visiting teams and dance dates as well as athletic department offices, locker space and assembly rooms.

1966 - Fike Field House

The Clemson Board of Trustees renames Clemson Field House to Fike Field House on November 25.

1971 - Groundbreaking

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On October 26, a groundbreaking ceremony introduces plans for renovations to Fike, including a larger gymnasium, locker rooms, lap pool and diving pool, multipurpose rooms and handball courts.

1975 - Expansions Completed

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The four-year renovation project is complete. Additions to Fike Recreation Center include McHugh Natatorium - an eight-lane, 25-yard racing pool and a diving pool named for retired swimming coach Carl McHugh - three large multipurpose rooms, 10 regulation handball courts and support facilities.

2003 - Transformation

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A 33,000-square-foot, 21 million-dollar renovation brings Fike Recreation Center into the 21st century with the creation of Swann Fitness Center, named after Trustee Joseph Swann ‘63. The addition of a new gymnasium, climbing wall, multipurpose rooms and equipment are joined by programs and classes such as yoga, spinning and water aerobics.


2010 - Today

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Each year there are more than 500,000 visits to Fike Recreation Center, which is supported by over 300 student employees.


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