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quarterly update

Student Affairs Quarterly Update — October, 2017

The Division of Student Affairs has a dedicated staff working to enhance the Clemson Experience for our students. The Student Affairs Quarterly Update will give you a snapshot of everything that’s been happening within the division and an insight into the lives of our students.

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freshman schedule

2017 Orientation Schedule Book – Freshman

The New Student Orientation program at Clemson University is the first step in ensuring new undergraduate students have a successful transition and integration into college life. The Orientation Schedule Books feature essential information and interactive content to help make your Orientation a success! Freshman Orientation participants should view and download the Freshman Orientation Schedule Book.

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transfer magazine

2017 Orientation Schedule Book – Transfer

Transfer, Bridge and Student Veteran Orientation participants should view and download the Transfer Orientation Schedule Book. These digital versions contain all of the same information found in the printed version and provide additional interactive content.

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family handbook

New Student Family Handbook

The New Student Family Handbook features articles, programming and interactive content tailored to new students and their families. This version of the Family Handbook works in conjunction with the printed handbook that each family is given during New Student Orientation, and provides interactive content including web links, email links, image slideshows, video, animation and more!

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by the numbers

Student Affairs By the Numbers — Spring 2017

The Division of Student Affairs provides programs and services that give students opportunities for personal and professional growth in their time at Clemson. By the Numbers outlines recent initiatives and outcomes which have helped Student Affairs foster this engagement and development for our students.

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experience magazine

Experience Magazine — Spring 2017

The Student Affairs Experience magazine showcases future and planned initiatives and developments within the Division of Student Affairs. This biannual publication is an in-depth look at how Student Affairs is preparing and empowering students to make a difference as global citizens. We invite you to read and learn more about the division and how our programs and capital projects will benefit students and the University for years to come.

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graduate guidebook

Graduate Student Guidebook

The Clemson University Graduate Student Guidebook is the official resource for new graduate students looking to ease the transition to both Clemson University and life as a graduate student. In this book, you’ll learn the rich history and traditions that make Clemson a top-25 school and about the different aspects of student life here at Clemson.

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