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Student Affairs Experience Magazine  Fall 2016

Experience Student Affairs

In this issue of experience magazine, we give you a closer look at our Living Learning Communities (LLC) here at Clemson. This issue will feature our Calhoun Honors College community and will explore its inner workings. We also include some words from the former Faculty-in-Residence of the Calhoun Honors College community, as well as current and former students from the community on their experiences in the Calhoun Honors College LLC.

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State of Student Affairs  January 2016

Experience Student Affairs

The State of Student Affairs outlines the outcomes of Student Affairs’ goals as of January 2016. In this report, you will also see updates on the University’s capital projects and outcomes of Student Affairs’ mission statement, to create supportive environments and innovative opportunities for student learning.

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New Student Family Handbook

Experience Student Affairs

The New Student Family Handbook features articles, programming and interactive content tailored to new students and their families. This version of the Family Handbook works in conjunction with the printed handbook that each family is given during New Student Orientation, and provides interactive content including web links, email links, image slideshows, video, animation and more!

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Graduate Guidebook

Clemson University graduate guidebook

The Clemson University Graduate Student Guidebook is the official resource for new graduate students looking to ease the transition to both Clemson University and life as a graduate student. In this book, you’ll learn the rich history and traditions that make Clemson a top-25 school and about the different aspects of student life here at Clemson.

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