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SABO-HR is the customer service center for Human Resources in Student Affairs. SABO-HR provides service for payroll, Kronos, Class and Compensation, Leave, New Hires, Pre-hires, Orientation assistance, Waiver Hires, I9s, student hires, and Graduate Hires.


  • 1. Change form for FTE

  • 2. Dual Employment Form: Use when requesting an additional job for state employees in state agencies.

  • 3. EPMS form: use when completing employee performance reviews and planning stages.

  • 4. I-9 Form: Must be completed for all new CU hires within 3 days of hire date. Please send to Will Pope in ASB.

  • 5. Interview Evaluation Form: Complete after interviewing applicants.

  • 6. New PD form

  • 7. PDE Form: Have new employees fill out the personal information in the form to add to CUBS.


1. ACA Policy

2. Ask HR; Interactive

3. Direct Deposit Policy 

4. FWS-Federal Work Study Webpage

5. Graduate School Website: grad.clemson.edu

6. Kronos Login

7. Link to Background Check Request Form

8. Not chosen after interview email notification

9. Pay Schedule

9. Truescreen Candidates email notification

10. UPIC Internship Webpage

11.  How to build a Hyperfind query

12.  How to run leave reports in Kronos

13. I9 Instructions

14. Employment Benefit Information

15. Employee Training Information

16. HR Upgrade Information

17. New Employee Information