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Renaissance MAN

Renaissance MAN

Renaissance Male Achievement Network (Renaissance MAN) is an initiative through Student Transitions and Family Programs that will provide academic enrichment, social engagement, personal development and professional preparation. Our target population for this initiative is college men of color at Clemson University: however, any Clemson gentleman is encouraged to participate. You will be encouraged and supported in excelling academically and becoming involved in high impact practices such as honors, internships, service studying abroad and undergraduate research.

As a result of participating in Renaissance MAN, students should be able to…

  • Choose purposeful solutions to navigate barriers to their graduation and prepare for life beyond Clemson.

  • Articulate a greater understanding of their personal identities, particularly race, ethnicity and gender identity.

  • Construct a leadership identity that encompasses their personal values, integrity and ethics.

  • Demonstrate greater sense of social and civic responsibility to their communities. 


The Renaissance MAN experience is designed to support students from freshmen year to senior year. In terms of the benefits we will provide both peer and professional mentoring opportunities, individualized meetings with staff, academic course support, and social enrichment. Participants also have the opportunity to complete the Clemson Leadership Certificate Program  and Professional Development Certificate Program through expectations after the first year. We also provide various incentives throughout the experience as our way to recognize the commitment of our participants.  Each year of our program offers a different set of expectations that contribute to the growth and development of Clemson men from Gentlemen to Renaissance Achievers.

  • Achieve a 2.6 GPA

  • Attend Conversation Among Men breakfast/lunch (two per semester)

  • Actively participate in community service project

  • Weekly community sessions on Leadership and Service

  • Achieve a 2.8 GPA

  • Attend Conversation Among Men breakfast/lunch (two per semester)

  • Actively participate in community service project

  • Engage in Leadership Education (HEHD 4000)

  • Achieve a 2.9 GPA

  • Attend Conversation Among Men breakfast/lunch (two per semester)

  • Apply to Professional Development Certificate Program (CCPD)

  • Apply for internships or research experiences

  • Engage in Leadership Education (HEHD 4100 and HEHD 4200)

  • Achieve a 3.0 GPA

  • Attend graduate school/career prep sessions

  • Apply to jobs and/or graduate programs

  • Engage in Leadership Education (HEHD 4100 and/or HEHD 4200)

  • Complete program reflection which includes satisfaction of leadership development


For additional information, please contact DeOnte Brown at 864-656-0515 or by email at deonteb@clemson.edu. Faculty, Staff, Alumni and community members, we would love to engage with you through a number of opportunities.


Young men in the Clemson Class of 2021, please note that our application will open January 2017. Please visit us on Instagram to see some of the highlights from this academic year.