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Welcome Leaders

Welcome Leaders are student volunteers essential to fall semester Kick-Off Clemson. Welcome Leaders provide support and guidance to incoming freshman and transfer students during their first six weeks on campus. Students are strongly encouraged to apply who are eager to create new connections, help new students transition to Clemson and create memorable experiences.

General Qualifications

Benefits to You



Applying to be a Welcome Leader is an online process at the Welcome Leader website. Applications are accepted each spring for the upcoming fall semester. We invite you and/or your entire student organization to participate in this engaging and exciting program. Welcome Leaders for Kick-Off Clemson in the fall semester will be selected in the spring.

Were you a Welcome Leader last year? Consider applying to be a Welcome Coordinator this year. Same great interactions with more responsibility and leadership opportunities. Applying to be a Welcome Coordinator is an online process at the Welcome Leader website.

Questions? Please contact Sean Callinan at Student Transitions and Family Programs, telephone 864-656-0515.