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Clemson University Graduate Student Government, Clemson, South Carolina


Defining the Clemson Graduate Experience

Defining the Clemson Graduate Experience

Clemson University Graduate Student Government (CGSG) provides many services to the graduate student body at Clemson University. As the official representation of the graduate student body to the University administration, it is the duty of CGSG to represent all graduate students to the best of its ability. Below are just a few samples of these services:

Advocacy to the University Administration

Since the creation of Clemson University Graduate Student Government, graduate student representatives have been voicing graduate student concerns to University administration.  Each week, members of the Executive and Legislative branches attend numerous meetings to ensure that graduate students are represented at the table.

Graduate Student Health

Enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan is required for all Clemson graduate students who cannot provide proof of insurance from another source.   Our Secretary for Health and Student Services works tirelessly to promote Graduate Student health interests.

Professional Enrichment

Five years ago CGSG launched a travel grant service, which has evolved into the Professional Enrichment Grant Program; allowing more graduate students to attend conferences for networking and professional enrichment. Graduate students must apply for a grant; the application is judged by their peers. CGSG has funded more than $100,000 in requests since the program’s inception, and CGSG is committed to increasing funding for this program in the future.

Graduate Student Organizations

Many graduate students find other ways to be involved with Clemson University than just teaching and research. Graduate organizations allow graduate students with common interests to network, plan activities, and meet new people. Many of our organizations are professional or departmental to allow graduate students in departments to relax with their peers. We also have many international organizations and even organizations dedicated to recreation. As the majority of the items that organizations host are open to the entire graduate student body, CGSG provides funding support for all of these organizations through the Graduate Student Senate.

Graduate Student Activities

CGSG provides free activities for all graduate students. We offer monthly trivia nights for the graduate population and tailgates for many athletic events. In the fall, we host a Halloween Party for our Graduate students with families. We host a Family Fun Festival on Bowman Field for graduate students and their families during the summer; filled with free food and lots of entertainment.

Athletic Tickets and Events

CGSG works with Athletics to ensure that graduate students are included in discussions regarding sports. Over 300 graduate students purchase season tickets to the football games and more than 1000 graduate students enter for the basketball ticket giveaways every year.

Graduate Student Orientation

CGSG believes that an orientation for all graduate students is a necessary part of welcoming new students to Clemson. CGSG plans and organizes this event in order to make the best use of graduate students' time and share valuable information