Clemson University Graduate Student Government

President's Executive Cabinet

The President's Executive Cabinet is responsible for assisting in execution of the duties of the Executive Branch.  Most of the Cabinet members serve on university committees and report back to both the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch.

Chief of Staff
Michael Lucas

Co-Secretary of Marketing and Athletic Activities
Taylor Stukes

Co-Secretary of Marketing and Athletic Activities
Scott Warren

Secretary of Communication
Anderson Rouse

Secretary of Graduate Student Engagement
Hamilton Allen

Secretary of Graduate Student Orientation
Kim Newton

Secretary of Health Services
Blair Durkee

Secretary of International Student Affairs
Guneet Bendi

Secretary of Research and Procurement
Namrata Sengupta

Secretary of Social Media
Aubrey Landers

Secretary of Student Affairs and Community Outreach
Meredith Swain

Secretary of Transportation
Lindsey Sanders

Secretary of the Treasury
Katie Holba

Goutham Pacha Ravi