Clemson University Graduate Student Government

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the Clemson University Graduate Student Government includes the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, and the President's Executive Cabinet.

Student Body President

The Student Body President of the Clemson University Graduate Student Government serves as a spokesperson for the Graduate Student Body.  The President provides vision and direction to the organization, issues proclamations of celebratory nature and recognizes graduate student achievements and contributions to graduate student life.  The president also represents the Graduate Student Body at the Board of Trustees and Academic Council.  The President can recommend legislation, veto senate bills requiring his or her signature, make appointments to university committees in which CGSG is entitled to representation or on which the opinion of CGSG has been solicited, appoint the non-elected members of the President's Executive Cabinet, and appoint individuals to any other positions required by legislation.

Student Body Vice President

The Student Body Vice President presides at the Senate meetings as the Senate President.  The Vice President also appoints the chairs of the Senate special committees with confirmation by a majority of vote of the Senate and oversees the implementation of Senate activities.  Along with the Student Body President, the Vice President attends Board of Trustees meetings and represents CGSG on university committees where appointed by the Student Body President.

President's Executive Cabinet

The President's Executive Cabinet is charged with helping to carry out the business of the Executive Branch of CGSG.  Cabinet members are appointed by the Student Body President and serve at his or her discretion.  Many of the Cabinet members are appointed to serve on university committees as appointed by the Student Body President.  Cabinet members such as the Secretary of the Treasury are responsible for day-to-day operations of CGSG and play an integral role in the organization's operations.

Executive Orders

An executive order is an order issued by the Student Body President, the head of the executive branch of the Clemson University Graduate Student Government.  Although there is no Constitutional provision or statute that explicitly permits Executive Orders, there is grant of executive power given in Article III of the Clemson University Graduate Student Body Constitution.  Executive orders do have the full force of law since issuances are typically made in pursuance of certain acts of the Student Senate, some of which specifically delegate to the President some degree of discretionary power, or are believed to have their authority for issuances based in a power inherently granted to the Executive by the Constitution.

Past Presidents and Vice Presidents

The people who served as Presidents and Vice Presidents of GSG.