Clemson University Graduate Student Government

Student Body Vice President

Danielle Zanzalari - Student Body Vice President, Student Senate President

Danielle Zanzalari

Student Senate President 

702 University Union
Clemson, SC 29634

CGSG Office: 864-656-2697

Vice President's Biography

Danielle Zanzalari is in her fourth year of the Clemson University’s Economics doctorate program where her primary fields are Financial Economics and Public Economics.  Her current research is focused on measuring risk of banks before, during and after government intervention.  Particularly, she is looking at the effects of TARP as well as evaluating the levels of securitized assets, such as credit derivative swaps on bank failures. Danielle completed her MA in Economics in December 2011 from Clemson University and her BS in Finance in May 2010 from Seton Hall University. She also walked-on to the softball team in undergrad, where she pitched for the Pirates for four years. Danielle has been involved with GSG for three and a half years serving in the following roles: President Pro-Tempore, PEG Subcommittee Chair, Clerk, PEG Reform Committee and as a member of the Career Development Committee and GRADS Research Symposium committee.  Danielle’s passion is to promote the work of graduate students, and increase our presence, throughout campus and in the community.