Clemson University Graduate Student Government

Senate Resolutions

Senate resolutions are posted for the current year.  Senate Resolutions from previous terms are on file in the CGSG offices.  Senate Resolutions online are available in PDF format.

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G.R. 53 A Resolution in Support of Renaming Tillman Hall (* pending approval as of 02/04/2015)

G.R. 52 A Resolution To Express Support for the On-Campus Installation of the Clemson ReCyclery Program

G.R. 51 A Resolution To Express Support for an Increased Allocation of the University Budget towards International Student Support Services

G.R. 50 - A Resolution To Support for the Implementation of a Bike Share Program

G.R. 49 - A Resolution To Support for Implementation of GPS Tracking on Clemson Area Transit’s Bus System

G.R. 48 - A Resolution To Support for the Clemson Recyclery Program

G.R. 47 - A Resolution To Support for Implementation of a Safe Rides Program

G.R. 46 - A Resolution To Support A Student Health Fee Increase

G.R. 45 - A Resolution To Support Building of On-Campus Housing at Pee Dee Research Station

G.R. 44 - A Resolution To Support Establishing Clemson University as a Tobacco Free Campus

G.R. 43 Support the Health Fee Increase

G.R. 42 Support for a Priority Registration Period for Student Veterans

G.R. 41 -A Resolution To Express Support of the External Non-Disclosure Policy

G.R. 39 - A Resolution To State Conditions of Support for Increasing the Student Health Fee

G.R. 38 - A Resolution To Support Clemson University’s Parking Meter Expansion

G.R. 37 - A Resolution To Support the Creation of a Clemson University LGBTQ Task Force

G.R. 35 - A Resolution To Support the Requirement of Student Health Insurance for all Graduate Students

G.R. 34 - A Resolution To Support Domestic Partnership and Same-Sex Couple Student Health Insurance Benefits

G.R. 33 - A Resolution To Support the Women’s Commission Statement on a Clemson University Child Development Center

G.R. 32 - A Resolution to Propose Changes to the Graduate School Continuous Enrollment Credits Due

G.R. 31 - A Resolution to Register the Importance of the Research Park Shuttle Service to Graduate Student Achievement

G.R. 30 - A Resolution to To Support the Planning and Implementation of a Sustainability Conference

G.R. 29 - A Resolution to Register the Importance of Redfern to Graduate Student Health

G.R. 28-2 Support Moving of CCIT Location

G.R. 28 Support Parking Principles

G.R. 27-2 Support CU Sustainability and Recycling

G.R. 27 Support Late Night Parking Permit

G.R. 26 Support Teach-In on Global Warming

G.R. 26 Support Sustainable Parking

G.R. 22 CAT Bus Route

G.R. 21 Amend Grants Committee

G.R. 20 Concern for Incentives Deferral

G.R. 19 Support Campus Recreation Fee

G.R. 18 Support Teach-In on Global Warming

G.R. 16 Grants Committee Regulations

G.R. 15 Condolences to Rey Family

G.R. 14 Change of Clerk and Secretary Roles

G.R. 13 Support of Core Values Statement

G.R. 12 Support 08-12 Business Plan Health Services

G.R. 10 Support CCIT fee

G.R. 9 Create Senate Standing and Special Rules

G.R. 8 Endorse Nation Initiative

G.R. 7 Congraduate School of Architecture

G.R. 6 Appreciation of Graduate Program Coordinators

G.R. 5 Change Housing Master Plan to include GSG housing

G.R. 4 Request representation in SC Sttate Student Association

G.R. 3 Support of 5 day Final exam schedule

G.R. 2 Finance committee and Treasurer regulations

G.R. 1 USG relations committee

Prior Resolutions (Fall 1999 - Spring 2007)

The numbering format was officially adopted in Fall 2007. However, these resolutions are numbered in a similar style to maintain consistency.

G.R. 18 - Spring 2007 - Support Graduate Student Housing

G.R. 17 - Spring 2007 - Support Smoking Ban

G.R. 16 - Spring 2005 -Support Creation of Transit Fee

G.R. 15 - Spring 2005 - Support Increase in Parking Fee

G.R. 14 - Spring 2003- Honor Thurmond

G.R. 13 - Spring 2003 - Tuition Remission

G.R. 12 - Spring 2003 - Married Parking Policy

G.R. 11 - Spring 2003- Honor Badam and Sreenvasam

G.R. 10 - Fall 2002 - Honor Jerry Courtney

G.R. 9 - Spring 2000 - Health Insurance Committee

G.R. 8 - Spring 2000 - Health Insurance Committee

G.R. 7 - Spring 2000 - Graduate Coordinator Assistantship

G.R. 6 - Spring 2000 - Appreciation of Savett

G.R. 5 - Fall 1999 - Ombudsman description

G.R. 4 - Fall 1999 - Door Locks Jordan Hall

G.R. 3 - Fall 1999 - Electronic Tuition Billing

G.R. 2 - Fall 1999 - Pregistration Drop Policy

G.R. 1 - Fall 1999 - Anonymous Surveys