Clemson University Graduate Student Government

Welcome Message from the President

Erin J. McCave, Student Body PresidentWelcome to Clemson University Graduate Student Government! Graduate Student Government is the official voice of the Graduate Student Body. As that voice we are charged with improving the personal and professional lives of the students we represent. We promote the interests of graduate students, and I invite you to join us! Visit the Graduate Student Senate or serve on campus committees to help improve the lives of your fellow students.

Programs offered by the Clemson University Graduate Student Government are designed to enhance professional development. Our popular Professional Enrichment Grant Program has awarded thousands of dollars to provide funding to graduate students to present scholarly research or network with other professionals in a variety of research areas.

Clemson is host to some of the most highly qualified students from around the world who strive for academic excellence and add to the body of knowledge. I am excited to represent such an engaged and talented student body, and I look forward to the 2013-2014 school year!

Go Tigers!


Simon (Xingpeng) Li
Student Body President
Clemson University Graduate Student Government