Office of Creative Services


Director: Adair Thompson
Activities Director

Role: The Activities Committee shall coordinate special activities sponsored by Student Government and shall provide the Student Body with appropriate services and generate the funds to provide these services.

Major Duties/Projects/Events:
  • CUSG Open House (2012 attendance: 125+)
  • Miss Homecoming Pagaent (2012 attendance: 300+)
  • Lighting of the Gardens (2012 attendance: 80+)
  • CUSG Banquet
Adair Thompson


Bentley Sam (AD) Katie Fountain Maggie Thomas
Katie Thomason Taylor Ingram


Goal Purpose Progress
Event PR Increase awareness and publicity of CUSG events . Created new types of fliers and placed them in advance for events, added CUSG logo to every flier, lowered prices for PR by using different companies, banners. Fewer emails were sent out.
New Event
Provide a new event to the student body. 
Implementing the Ring Ball as a new tradition for graduating seniors - coordinating with Student Alumni Council.
Event Attendance Increase event attendance by 50% for all events. Student Government Drop In - 66% increase, Miss Homecoming Pageant - 53% decrease, and Lighting of the Gardens - 48% decrease.

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