Office of Creative Services

Chief of Staff

Summers Binnicker

Role: Manage Student Government's internal budget and assist in the work of all members within President's Cabinet.

Major Duties/Projects/Events:
  • Manage CUSG operational budget and Student Services budget
  • Run meetings for President's Cabinet
  • Provide support for all CUSG initiatives



Goal Purpose Progress
One Student Government To bring together all aspects of Student Government to improve its efficiency and efficacy. Created CUSG internal listserv with weekly updates. Planning CUSG-wide event.
Continuity and Processes Establish a more responsible and accountable budgetary system and improve transitions and documentation of information. Created new system that tracks/records all expenses and provides weekly budget updates to directors. No progress on transitions/documentation.
CUSG Transparency To hold CUSG more accountable to its Student Body and to better inform the Student Body of CUSG's work Established new website.

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