Office of Creative Services

Funding Board

Katie Holba
Katie Holba Student Body Treasurer

Role: To help promote student engagement and community involvement through the allocation of the general monies collected from the Student Activity Fee to recognized, student-led organizations

Major Duties/Projects/Events:
  • Hold bi-monthly funding board hearings.
  • Review organizations’ funding requests and appropriate Student Activity Funding based on procedures outlined in the Student Activity Handbook to recognized Clemson student organizations.
  • Submit recommended allocations within the Appropriations Bill to Senate for approval.

Funding Board

Assistant Treasurer: Katie Holba,
Organizations Director: Jessica Feltracco,

Hunter Bagnal Breana Brown Stephen Fandel Ty Teague
Sid Nimmons Creighton Spears Robert Magnum Rasheed Watkins
Will Kerr Hunter Bagnal Seth Rhoden Nina Contis
Kyle Kennedy Stephen Smith Austin Busch
(bold indicates voting member)

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