Office of Creative Services

Governmental Affairs

Director: Ashton Lee
Governmental Affairs Director

Assistant Director: Kenan Sakarcan
Voter Registration Chair: Aryana Derakhshan

Role: To work for students at the state and federal level to ensure that their best interests are being met, while also working to keep the Clemson campus and community politically engaged.

Major Duties/Projects/Events:
  • Clemson Day Lobbying Trip: 10-14 students from across the state will travel to Columbia to rally for higher education and Clemson-related issues at the South Carolina statehouse.
  • Shag for Ag: a fun event designed to bring awareness to Clemson's land grant heritage and our roots. This year the Shag will be to benefit our CUSG philanthropy, Clemson Childhood Development Center
Ashton Lee


Daniel Jones Grace Lay Alex Incao
Drew Whitley Forrest Hemphill Jerrold Watson
Joseph Mcninch Julian Taylor Nicole Adams
Mark Ritterpusch Morgan Winkler Miller Thompson
Zachary Talley


Initiative Purpose Progress
Voter Registration Drive Results To have 150 or more students register to vote during the fall semester.  We began our first voter registration drive today (Oct. 21) and we will continue tabling on Library Bridge this week.  
To raise attendance at the Shag for Ag Event To raise funds for the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences, as well as awareness about the budget cuts to this college.  
This event will be in the Spring. Our next committee meeting will be focused on informing our committee about the event and starting the planning process.
ACC Lobbying Trip To advocate for schools in the Atlantic Coastal Conference.  
I was informed about this recently, so I will begin planning when I have more details.

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