Office of Creative Services

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch shall perform the executive function of Student Government by coordinating and lending direction to Student Government initiatives, by providing diplomatic representation, and by appointing student officials (Undergraduate Student Government Bylaws – Executive Branch).

Executive Branch

Student Body President
& Vice President
Presidential Initiatives 

The President's Cabinet shall serve as the central body to direct the efforts of the Executive Branch and shall facilitate communication between the respective branches of Student Government.

Chief of Staff
Executive Secretary 

Executive Committees
Executive Committees shall serve as formal and informal support to directors within Cabinet. These committees are tasked with responding and executing to the needs of the Student Body and Undergraduate Student Government.

Public Relations Governmental Affairs Research Development
Campus and Community Development Organizations Sustainability
Elections Activities Outreach

Council on Diversity Affairs
CODA advises Student Government on matters of concern to those students not in the racial majority of the Student Body and works to improve University issues in regard to discrimination or inequality.

Freshman Council
Freshman Council comprises an exceptional group of 35 Freshman, dedicated towards leadership development, Clemson traditions, and serving the Freshman class.

Funding Board
Funding Board is responsible for allocating fund monies to Activity Fund recipients at hearings held through out the academic year.

Transfer Council
Transfer Council Committee provides a voice for all transfer students entering Clemson. It advises Student Government on matters concerning transfer students and facilitates their involvement into different organizations. 



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