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Director: Kirby Cranford
Organizations Director

Role: To disseminate information and conduct business pertaining to organizations. 

Major Duties/Events:
  • To inform organizations of Student Government regulations.
  • To handle all petitions for organizational recognition.
  • To host TigerProwl - providing information about organizations to the Clemson University Student Body.
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Bentley Sam Andrew Collins Brandon Lock
Caroline Schaffer Cecilia Lipman Harley Dennis
Kimberly Breland Murshay Stover Sydney Wright


Goal Purpose Progress
Spring Organizations Fair: Tiger Prowl 2.0 To allow students to join organizations in the spring. The date has been set for the event: February 8, the event is being rebranded under the name "Tiger Prowl 2.0", a lay out for the event is being determined, and the submission form for student organizations will open next week.
Fall Advisor Appreciation Week To thank all advisors for the service to campus organizations.
Date has been set for the week of November 18, tabling sign-ups have been sent out, and working on purchasing gifts of appreciation.
Renewal Requests To ensure the accurate keeping of all student org related records All organizations have been met with, over 300 renewal requests have been received, 100 have been approved, and all are due October 25. Renewals this year included banking information to improve the fiscal responsibility of organizations.
Spring Re-Recognition Meetings To meet with all organizations to make sure new officers are aware of university procedures.
Meeting date will be set within the next two weeks.
Tiger Prowl Fall 2014 To acquaint all students with the organizations Clemson has to offer. Meetings planned to begin discussions for next year, gathered student feedback on location (will be on Bowman Field next year).

Resources for Student Organizations


  • TigerProwl provides an opportunity for all Clemson University students to explore ways to get involved and for nearly 300 recognized student organizations to recruit new members and showcase their organizations.


  • Recognized Student Organizations at Clemson University are based on, centered around, led, governed, and directed by students. Membership is open to all Clemson University students and may also include CU faculty, staff, alumni and alumnae as well as off-campus members.

Student Organizations within Student Handbook:

List of Organizations:


OrgSync Facebook page:

CUSG Organization Policies and Procedures

Rights of Recognized Student Organizations

Student organizations complying with the conditions of recognition and who are in good judicial standing shall enjoy the rights and privileges associated with the status of being officially recognized by the University including the following:

  • Invite their own faculty or staff advisors.
  • Publish their organization picture in the Clemson yearbook.
  • Reserve University facilities provided they meet the requirements or the use of the facility.
  • Have an organizational email, web account, and OrgSync portal.
  • Sponsor a candidate for Miss Homecoming.
  • Participate in Organizations fairs and other Get Involved events.
  • Apply for Funding from the Student Activity Fee Fund

Retaining Recognition

 To retain recognition, an organization must:  

  • Adhere to all municipal, state and federal laws, the Clemson University Student Handbook, Code of Conduct and all University rules and procedures.
  • Maintain updated contact information for officers and advisor(s) on OrgSync before the start of each semester
  • Maintain a full-time Clemson University faculty or staff member as an Advisor
  • Participate in all required meetings and training” and 

It is the responsibility of the Chief Officer of an organization to notify CUSG Organizations Director in writing if it wants to voluntarily revoke its recognition status permanently.

Any recognized undergraduate student organization that does not follow the above listed responsibilities may lose its recognized status, all student activity funds allocated to the organization, and all rights granted by the recognition process. Your organization will be notified of the intent to withdraw recognition and the reason(s) for which recognition is to be withdrawn by the CUSG Organizations Director via an email sent to the Chief Officer and Advisor of your organization.

1. The CUSG Organizations Director shall determine whether an organization merits expulsion. The Organizations Director will then draft and propose legislation in the form of an expulsion bill. The bill will require a majority vote of the Senate and appropriate signatures before the organization is officially expelled. The Advisor and Chief Officer for the organization will be notified via email when an organization has been expelled.

2. Organizations that are expelled must wait 60 days before they are eligible to apply for re-recognition. During this time the organization will be in a suspended status. The 60 day probation period begins on the day of notification. A group can appeal this decision unless the revocation was initiated under the Student Code of Conduct. When the 60 day period is over, a meeting with the CUSG Organizations Director will be arranged.

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