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Dalton Mills
Director: Dalton Mills
Sustainability Director

Role: The CUSG Sustainability Committee focuses its efforts on creating, supporting, and coordinating sustainability initiatives at Clemson.  The committee also serves as a student representative to administration with regards to sustainability issues on campus.

Major Duties/Projects/Events:
  • Organize annual Sustainability Week across campus
  • Serve as the student voice with administration with groups such as the President’s Commission on Sustainability
  • Coordinate amongst organizations and individuals pursuing various sustainability goals at Clemson
  • Raise awareness and educate about sustainability among the student body
  • Conduct projects, implementing and assessing the feasibility of various sustainable initiatives


Assistant Director - Karl Lykken 
Research - Jordan Lawrence 
Sustainability and Social Justice - Gregory Angeloff 
Parking and Transportation Services - Virginia Moormon
Athletics Relations - Anna White
Healthy Campus & Newsletter - Lisa Watkins
Facilities and Fundraising - Jared Busby 
Dining Relations - Rebecca Newman 
Student Organizations - Sarah Knowles 
Earth Day - Brandi Staley
Outside Business Sponsor Director - Alston Loper
Sustainability Week - Anna Bennett 
Campus Initiatives - Madison Andrews
Clemson Home - Turner Cotterman 
Social Media - Camille de Lucy


Goal Purpose Progress
Become the uniting group for sustainability efforts To create the foundations of a sustainability office. We also hope to increase communication and thus continue to bring everyone together so that we can establish a strong unity and productive campus. Have met with everyone and am now in the process of giving my committee members a specific group to work with.
SSI Fund Marketing To double the SSI contributions and contribution rate. We obtained over 4,000 this semester and would like to double that. We wish to give this fund a solid foundation so Clemson can become a sustainable campus! I have a committee member dedicated to the SSI. We hope to raise money for campaigning. Then I met with the president of SEA to increase collaboration on the project.

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