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Undergraduate Student Government


Executive Branch
The Executive Branch shall perform the executive function of Student Government by coordinating and lending direction to Student Government initiatives, by providing diplomatic representation, and by appointing student officials.

Legislative Branch
The Legislative Branch shall perform the legislative function of Student Government by debating and enacting legislation concerning matters affecting student life and the operation of Student Government. The Legislative Branch shall consist of the five Student Senate officers and the remaining elected and appointed senators.

Judicial Branch
Judicial Branch has jurisdiction over the Student Body in all cases involving the violation of any student regulation except those reserved to the administration. Actions by the student judicial boards are in the form of recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Vice President's designee.

To represent the Student Body and collaborate with various stakeholders across campus, Undergraduate Student Government appoints representatives to serve as the voice of the students. 

Get Involved in CUSG!
CUSG is always looking for more people to join the team. Each semester, there are opportunities for Clemson students to get involved with CUSG!



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