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Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch has jurisdiction over the Student Body in all cases involving the violation of any student regulation except those reserved to the administration. Actions by the student judicial boards are in the form of recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Vice President's designee.

The Student Government Judicial Branch has complete jurisdiction over all cases involving student organizations, except those reserved to the administration, and all Student Government violations. These violations are heard by the Supreme Court in the form of a recommendation from the Attorney General.

For cases retained by OCES, please refer to the following site:

Links and Documents

Judicial Branch Composition, Role, and Initiatives:

Judicial Board Hearing Process:

Frequently Asked Questions: Judicial Board Hearing FAQ


If you were unable to have your questions answered by our site, please feel free to contact us in regard to:
  • Judicial process, student organizations, redress of grievances, appeals, or other concerns: Brittany Pifer, Student Body Attorney General (
  • Student advisors: Kristen Starks, Assistant Attorney General of Advising (
  • Mock trials, judicial recruitment dates and events:  Creighton Segars, Assistant Attorney General of Recruitment (
  • Complaints, suggestions, etc. for the judicial process or judicial members: Kathryn Payne, Assistant Attorney General of Training (
  • Internal Judicial Branch membership: Sarah Brady, Assistant Attorney General of Membership (
  • Outreach events and Citizen of the Month nominations: Alex Conte, Assistant Attorney General of Outreach (



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