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The Legislative Branch shall perform the legislative function of Student Government by debating and enacting legislation concerning matters affecting student life and the operation of Student Government. The Legislative Branch shall consist of the five Student Senate officers and the remaining elected and appointed senators. (Undergraduate Student Government Bylaws - Legislative Branch)

Senate Executive Commitee
The Senate Executive Committee comprises the Senate President, the Student Body Vice President, the Senate President Pro Tempore, the Secretary, and the Clerk.

Academic Affairs Committee
Academic Affairs acts on all questions pertaining to academics and University policy, and shall serve as a liaison between the Student Senate and the Office of Undergraduate Studies, the Faculty Senate Committee on Scholastic Policies, and the Office of the Provost. 

Athletics Committee
Athletics acts on all questions pertaining to Campus Recreation, Intramural Sports, Club Sports, and all matters relevant to the Clemson University Athletic Department (including Gameday Parking).

Campus Life Committee
Campus Life acts on all questions pertaining to University Housing and Dining Services, Campus Card Access, and Tiger 1 Card, and to serve as a liaison between the Student Senate and the Residence Hall Association.

Facilities and Transportation Committee
Facilities and Transportation acts on all questions, projects, pertaining to traffic, parking, and mass transportation within the University.

Finance and Procedures Committee
Finance and Procedures acts on all questions pertaining to constitutional and rules amendments, Student Courts and other Judicial Affairs, recognizing and derecognizing student organizations, funding for higher education, and appointments.

Health and Human Services Committee
Health and Human Services acts on all issues of health, wellness, and student awareness including, but not limited to, Empower Clemson, Redfern Health Center, campus safety, accessibility for the disabled, and nutrition. 

University Services Committee
University Services acts on all questions pertaining to commercial student services other than Dining and Housing.


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