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Legal Aid

Clemson University Undergraduate Student Government offers free legal aid services to all undergraduate students. Our legal aid program allows you to speak with a lawyer in the Clemson area once per academic semester for a 30-minute session. This program is a great opportunity for students to seek legal advice from experienced lawyers. Feel free to call or stop by the Student Government offices for more detailed information. Forms are also available in online form. The link to the form is provided in a link below.

 Legal Aid Form

The Legal Aid program will not offer legal advice or counsel in the following situations:

  • Any matter with respect to which the attorney is of the opinion that it would be a violation of the attorney's Code of Professional Responsibility to participate or a conflict of interest.
  • Any disputes between students in an action against the interest of Clemson University.
  • Any action which arises over circumstances which do not directly affect the stduent of Clemson University seeking legal aid.




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