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Students hit the blogosphere to tell others about environmental issues.
Laura Early, left, and Allison Littman are blog correspondents for the newly started Mother Nature Network Web site.Allison Littman and Laura Early are dipping their hands into the world of environmental blogging, and they’re doing it for a Web site started by Chuck Leavell.

Leavell is keyboardist for the Rolling Stones and a passionate environmentalist. In January he began the Mother Nature Network, a Web site created for the average Joe to find national and local environmental news as well as connect with other green-minded folks.

Mother Nature Network has 50 student correspondents from various areas of the country. Littman and Early are South Carolina’s representatives.

“I want to get into environmental journalism, and I really want to promote awareness and get people involved and excited about it,” Early said.

This is just a start. Early, 21, is already part of Clemson University’s Tigers for Tigers program that raises money for the animal’s conservation. She plans to use her blog as a way to advertise things that are happening on campus so her fellow students will know what’s going on.

Littman has a similar focus for her blog and is also using it as a way to take time to find out what’s going on within the local community to promote awareness.

It wasn’t until the end of high school that the 20-year-old Littman began to be aware of environmental issues and impacts. She feels that folks today aren’t apathetic toward the environment, they just aren’t informed about the impact their actions have.

“It’s sort of comforting that they might (get involved) if they just knew,” she said.

Early and Littman both received video cameras that they will be using to create video blogs in the coming year.

“I’m excited,” Early said. “It’s a really good way to play around with different types of media. It’s different than writing for the school newspaper. There’s a lot of leeway, so I get to try things out and see what works.”

Check out their blogs at E-mail any blog ideas you have to Littman or Early.

Written by Crystal Boyles, Office of Web Services
Published on April 15, 2008