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Prior to departure, students may need help deciding which courses to take while they are abroad. Clemson Abroad looks to faculty and academic advisors to help students identify specifically which courses — major/minor, general education, and electives — they still have to complete. By reviewing the student's degree progress report with the student, you will be able to help the student identify specific courses that they still need to complete that might be eligible to be taken abroad. This process will help Clemson Abroad work with students to select a study abroad program that is academically appropriate and will help students make degree progress at Clemson.

When meeting with students who are planning a study abroad experience, please also help the student plan their course schedule for the semester of their return. Students studying abroad for a semester or academic year will be registering for Clemson courses while they are abroad. It is extremely helpful to plan ahead so that students are aware of how their study abroad experience might affect their degree progression or change the sequence of required courses.

Students may also need guidance in course selection once they arrive overseas. This may arise for a variety of reasons, courses that they initially selected and had approved may not be offered, or they may find that they need to change courses. In this case, students may contact you while they are abroad for advice on courses they can take and/or to have additional courses approved for transfer back to Clemson.

Don't be surprised to get an email from a student who is studying overseas as the Clemson registration period approaches! They may want to double-check that they are planning to register for the correct coursework and they will also need their advising pin number!

For additional information on study abroad advising for students in your college, please contact a Clemson Abroad Coordinator.

*Note: Students may be able to satisfy their general education cross-cultural awareness requirement through an international/study abroad experience. For additional information about this option, please review the Policy for Satisfying the General Education Cross-Cultural Awareness Requirement Through an International Experience.