Building a New Program

Clemson University - Study Abroad

We're glad you’re interested in offering a faculty-directed program through Clemson! This opportunity can be a very rewarding experience—not only for your student participants, but for you, the faculty leader, as well. At the same time, faculty-directed programs require a lot of work, from design and approval, to marketing, teaching, and traveling. The most successful programs are those in which the faculty collaborate well with Clemson Abroad to ensure consistency of information and timely development of the program’s course.

Faculty who wish to develop and lead a study abroad program must complete a proposal and receive approval through their respective departments, colleges, and the Office of Global Engagement (OGE). This process applies to all study abroad programs regardless of their length. Program budgets are handled in the Office of Global Engagement along with other essential components of programming, such as acceptance of applications, pre-departure orientation, obtaining insurance and required release documents. Individual faculty members and departments should not collect monies or payments for program fees. Please see our Program Policies for more information

You can find the faculty handbook here, including information for faculty from proposal to return from study abroad. Please review our flowchart for developing a faculty-directed program here. As well as our implementation timeline here.

For new programs, proposals are due 18 months in advance of the start date of the program, and are reviewed at the pre-proposal stage by the faculty leader’s College Global Engagement Committee. Please see the Academic Council’s policy on this. Pre-proposal applications are due eighteen months prior to the proposed program start date: September 30th for fall and fall break programs, and January 25th for spring, spring break, and summer programs. Pre-proposal applications can be found here. Please email to discuss your pre-proposal with our office.

If you are interested in developing an exchange program, please review the information for this process.

Travel to High Risk Destinations

Program proposals including travel to a country with a Travel Warning from the U.S. Department of State require an additional review from the High Risk Travel Advisory Committee prior to approval.
If this applies to your program, please review our Travel Warnings policy and process.