Renewing a Program

Clemson University - Study Abroad

Congratulations on leading a successful study abroad program. Clemson Abroad is grateful for the dedication and support you show to Clemson University students.

Once you have returned, please meet with our Fiscal Team to turn in all reimbursement documentation. Please complete the Foreign Travel Expense Form, and turn in all necessary receipts. For a reminder those expenses that are reimbursable please see our Financial Policies.

Please set up an appointment with our office to debrief on your experience and go over any questions or concerns you had. If you would like to renew your study abroad program to be offered during the next academic year, please complete a Faculty Directed Renewal Application. Here is a flowchart for the renewal approval process. As part of your renewal application, your most recently completed program’s summary review and operational report will be reviewed by your College Global Engagement Committee and the Council for Global Engagement as required. These reports can be found within your Terra Dotta Application. If your program has been approved for multi-iteration review, you are still required to complete the renewal application declaring your intent to run the program, but the program will not be renewed unless there have been major changes, or any incidents that require an internal review.