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Summer Reading

Question - I’m not taking Freshman English or CU 101. In fact, I have AP English credit from high school. Do I still have to take part in this program?
Answer – YES! Summer Reading is a general education requirement for all freshmen.

Question – What happens if I do not read the book?
Answer – Reading the book is only the beginning! All freshmen will be required to submit an essay about the Summer Reading book through Clemson’s Blackboard website. All freshmen are required to attend the Convocation on August 18, 2014, followed by their small-group discussion. If you fail to read the book, you will not be able to adequately take part in the subsequent aspects of the Summer Reading program.

Question – What happens if I don’t turn in the essay?
Answer – You will fail your CU 1000 course, and receive an F on your transcript! We’ve found that the degree to which students take this assignment seriously is an accurate indicator of how they will perform as Clemson University students. If you do not complete your essay and submit it to your electronic portfolio, you will fail to meet the freshman requirements of the General Education ePortfolio. This will result in numerous complications during your tenure at Clemson University.

Question – What is a QQTT?
Answer – Your QQTT is simply one QUESTION, one QUOTE and two TALKING POINTS that you’re required to write down and bring with you on the day of Convocation. Your small-group facilitator will use the ideas you bring in the discussion.

Question – I’m not coming to Orientation until August, and I’d like a copy of the book now. Can you mail me one?
Answer – Yes, we’d be happy to do that; however, you will receive your book along with everyone else that isn’t attending Orientation in late July/early August. We will mail these out in mid-July, plenty of time to complete the reading and write the essay.

Question – I’m not comfortable waiting until July to receive my complimentary copy of the Summer Reading selection, can I purchase it on my own?
Answer – Sure, plenty of students ask this question and we can certainly appreciate your eagerness to begin the assignment. Feel free to purchase your own copy of the Summer Reading book in either paperback or audio format.     

Question – Do I need my laptop for Convocation and small-group discussion?
Answer – No, you will not need your laptop at either the Convocation or your small-group discussion. Please do not bring it with you, as laptops tend to be a distraction during the address.

Question – I’m having trouble accessing my Blackboard account. How do I figure this stuff out?
Answer – Go to to find instructions, tutorials and contact information regarding computer technologies at Clemson.