FALL ONLINE ONLY "Crime Scene Investigators and Forensic Science Experts" (9th-12th)

Our students will be introduced to the methods and science that underpin forensics including document, audio, and video analysis, DNA, fingerprinting, fiber, hair and blood splatter analysis, as well as crime scene investigation. They will learn how to evaluate evidence and the process of identifying the dead. Students will master the role of forensics and forensic psychology. The course will be concluded by presenting students with an unsolved case, and letting them use anthropology and archaeology to solve a crime scene case. By using biological profiling, documenting and analyzing the evidence, as well as facial reconstruction to identify the dead, students will be able to identify the victim from a crime scene.

This course is offered in Fall Session B (Nov 7 and Nov 14).

Course Leader: Dr. Diana Ivankovic, PhD, MS 

*Course schedule is tentative and subject to change.