FALL ONLINE ONLY "A Molecular Toolbox for Research and Medicine" (9th-12th)

The “A Molecular Toolbox for Research and Medicine” is a part asynchronous (quantity 1 - 5 hour), and part synchronous (quantity 2 - 5 hour, Saturday) course.    It is designed for high school students to learn different techniques applied in scientific research and the medical arena. Surgeons, physicians, and researchers all work in concert to cure human suffering. While researchers design new medical devices and medicines, the physicians and surgeons use them on their patients. Many physicians and surgeons actually work with the researchers on these designs. They use many special techniques to test and come up with these novel designs. I am sharing with you some of these special techniques, so that you will have your own “molecular toolbox” in which to draw from, for your scientific research proposal project.  

During this, part asynchronous (quantity 1 - 5 hour), and part synchronous (quantity 2 - 5 hour Saturdays) course, students will explore different contemporary molecular techniques, experience reading current technical journals and design a novel research proposal using these techniques. 


UV/VIS Spectrophotometry 

Size exclusion column chromatography 

DNA Electrophoresis 

Protein Electrophoresis 



This course is offered in Fall Session B (Nov 7 and Nov 14).

Course Leader: Donna Weinbrenner, Ph.D.

 *Course schedule is tentative and subject to change.