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Summer-only Opportunities, Career-Building Experiences

A Summer Course in Quality Deer Management

  • Explore the four cornerstones of quality deer management — herd management, herd monitoring, habitat management and hunter management.
  • Learn how to estimate deer population parameters using several sources of data for individual properties and apply the findings to a deer management plan.
  • Sharpen your expertise in deer biology, behavior and ecology, and earn QDMA Deer Steward I certification in this program, Long Summer.

Contact: Dave Guynn, Ph.D. | Department Forestry and Natural Resources | | 864-656-4830

A Summer Course in Human Remains Recovery 

  • Take this special opportunity to develop skills in forensics and archaeology.
  • Prepare for future study or occupations by learning the proper archaeological techniques used to locate and excavate a burial, and practice the documentation used in forensic investigations.
  • Gain hands-on experience at recovering human skeletal remains while collaborating with a team in this three-credit-hour program, Summer Minimester A.

Contact: Katherine Weisensee, Ph.D. | Department of Sociology and Anthropology | | 864-656-4210

A Summer Course at the S.C. Coastal Plain 

  • Use summer study to gain the field experience that sets you apart from students at other universities.
  • Learn to tie ecological concepts and theory to field applications in habitats throughout South Carolina’s Coastal Plain.
  • Build your skill level in this interdisciplinary, five-credit-hour program, First Summer.

Contact: Kyle Barrett, Ph.D. | School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences | | 864-656-1847

A Summer Course in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

  • Take advantage of this unique undergraduate opportunity to learn geospatial technology and strengthen your expertise in GIS.
  • Become skilled at using and understanding some of the most advanced data, research and technology available, including Esri’s ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online and CityEngine.
  • Get ready to meet the needs of today’s industry and prepare for more advanced course work by taking this three-credit-hour program, Summer Minimester A. 

Contact: Stephen Sperry, M.L.A. | Department of Planning, Development and Preservation | | 864-656-3635

Summer Courses in Social Media Analysis 

  • Use summer study to put your skills and expertise at the level employers want.
  • Learn how to design, implement and evaluate social media strategies in organizations.
  • Be prepared to meet today’s industry demands with this nine-credit-hour program, Summer Minimester A, First Summer and Second Summer.

Contact: Jason Thatcher, Ph.D. | Department of Management | | 864-656-3751


A Summer Course in Applied Theatre for Business and Industry

  • Develop an understanding of and learn how to incorporate the same theatre principles/practices top businesses and industry leaders use to reach their markets and goals.
  • Master the use of nontraditional applications for innovative solutions in teaching, justice, health care, politics, community development, nonprofit organizations and more.
  • Become effective at executing creative business models and developing community-building outreach programs, this three- to six-credit-hour program, First Summer and Second Summer.

Contact: Shannon Robert, M.F.A. | Department of Performing Arts, Theatre | | 864-656-3043 

A Summer Course in Writing for the Arts 

  • Learn the kinds of writing, speech and technology-mediated acts that today’s professionals use to communicate.
  • Use this authentic professional-level experience to explore the ways the Charleston Spoleto Festival is an inspiration and an outgrowth of various writing acts.
  • Develop strategies to complete the kinds of writing expected in the worlds of media/public relations, the fine arts and arts education or administration in this three- to six-credit-hour program, First Summer.

Contact: Greg Shelnutt, M.F.A. | Department of Art | | 864-656-3880