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Here I bare all concerning my research at Clemson University for the summer 2002 SURE program. Click any of the links in the following, or at the left, to browse around.

My name is Blake Borgeson.

My home institution is Rice University, in Houston.

My current degree program is BSEE, specializing in signals and systems, and, in particular, communications and DSP.

My research here has dealt mainly with modifying signals, transmitters, and receivers for MPSK wireless transmission systems, and how we can take advantage of what we know about the transmitted data's correlation. If that made any sense, check it out.

My advisor, Prof. Carl Baum, had the initial project idea earlier in the year, and was apparently saving it for me as an interesting summer pursuit, for which I am very grateful. The coordinator of the SURE program, Prof. Dan Noneaker, has also been instrumental in making sure the summer experience here is outstanding.

In case you're interested, there's a lot of other stuff going on around here besides just research. One particular activity that's caught my interest this summer has been mountain biking. A terrific web site covers some beautiful biking in North Carolina, a little over an hour away if you have a car.

Updated: June 9, 2002