Paul Yang's SURE Program Webpage

Hi, my name is Paul Yang and I am a rising senior at the University of California at Berkeley.  I am majoring in electrical engineering and computer sciences
This summer I am working at Clemson University in South Carolina as a member of the Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences Program in Communications Systems.

My Project: Investigating the Properites of Complementary Code Keying In a Multi-Path Channel
I am working with Professor Daniel Noneaker to investigate the properties of a modulation scheme called CCK Modulation.  The goal of the project is to find the performance of CCK Modulation in multipath channels.  For more specification on CCK Modulation, click here.
To go through the final overview of my summer research, click here for a powerpoint show.  To see the transcript for the presentation, click here.  To see the poster, click here.



More about me

I'd like to thank Professor Daniel Noneaker for running the SURE Program this summer.  It was a great experience and I learned a lot.

Some pictures from the trip.

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