Support for Multimedia Traffic in Mobile, Distributed, Multiple-Hop Wireless Networks

Personal Info

  • Steven Boyd
  • Senior - Computer Engineering
  • Clemson University


    This page describes the work conducted for Clemson University's Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program in the summer of 2003. I worked with Professor Harlan Russell and other Clemson University faculty on my research project.

    My Research

    My research topic deals with the improvement of techniques used to provide wireless communication among mobile terminals in multiple-hop ad hoc networks. Ad hoc networks are wireless networks that share no centralized communication hub or infrastructure. Packet radio networks provide wireless communication channels in which data can be transferred over a wireless connection. There are various distributed protocols which exist to support multimedia traffic. In order for these protocols to be effective, they must be able to withstand efficient communication requirements in a dynamic environment. More about my research...

    Technical Report

    Slides from my final presentation

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