Welcome to Robbie Loeven's SURE Homepage

Hi, I'm Robbie Loeven. I go to school at Clemson University. I am majoring in electrical engineering, and I am going into my senior year. I am currently conducting a research project on the computer simulation of antennas and antenna arrays. Below you may find a copy of my research proposal. It is part of the SURE program here at Clemson University.

Office: 330 Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building

Home:  509-3 Old Central Rd. Clemson, SC 29631
                      (864) 710-4437

Advisor:   Professor Anthony Martin

My Research Proposal

This summer I will be participating in Clemson Universityís Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. I am working under the guidance of Dr. Anthony Q. Martin. My research this summer will focus on computer simulations of various types of antennas. Dr. Martin has directed me to use the MATLAB program to do this. We are using Sergey N. Maskarovís book, Antenna and EM Modeling with MATLAB, as a base for this project. I will not only learn to use the programs he has created, but I will also expand on them and alter them to make them more productive for our purposes. These programs use the MATLAB PDE Toolbox to create three-dimensional wire meshes and antennas and antenna arrays. A series of programs will then be used to calculate the surface current, impedance matrix, the electromagnetic field, etc. of the simulated antenna. Dr. Martin and I hope to employ these techniques in order to study the viability of new types of antenna arrays which are being designed specifically for cell phones and wireless laptops.

My Oral Presentation

Fluor Daniel Engineering Innovation Building