SURE -- Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

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SURE -- Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

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Connecting to the Clemson Network

Clemson offers both wired and wireless internet access. Below is a listing of some of the ways that a student can connect to the Clemson network.

  • Computer Labs - Clemson has several computer labs which provide access to the internet and to the campus network. You may login to these machines with your university userid and password. Visit to see a listing of the available labs, as well as the times they are open.
  • Dial-Up - Access to the Clemson network is provided through a PPP connection. Information on connecting to the clemson Network through this method is available at
  • Wireless Access - Clemson's wireless network has many locations on campus where it may be accessed, but it is 128-bit WEP encrypted. In order to use this network, you must first visit the Martin Help Desk and have them enable it on your computer. Information about the wireless network is available at That link also provides a listing of locations where wireless connections are available.
  • Ethernet - Every dorm room is equipped with at least one 10/100 Ethernet jack which may be used to connect to the clemson network. Simply plug your computer into this jack and you're ready to go.

NOTE: When connecting to the Clemson network through any of these methods for the first time, a special webpage will be presented that asks for your userid and password, as well as a description of the computer your are using. Once you have filled out this information, there is an accept button that you must click which is about halfway down the page.

Problems with Network Access or University accounts

If you are having problems with your University account you should go to the Martin Help Desk. They can reset your password, setup your computer for wireless access, and many other things. They have a website at which has lots of useful information. They are located in the bottom floor of Martin Hall, which can be found using the Clemson Map. If you are having problems setting up your computer in your dorm room, you should contact ResCom. They are Clemson's tech support personel for students. Their webpage is

Honor Roll at Clemson University

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