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Wireless Communications Research at Clemson University

The research program in wireless communications research at Clemson University has established a reputation for rigorous research applicable to practical problems in mobile communications.

Faculty specialize in mobile communication systems, computer networks, communications theory, coding theory, broadband antenna design and radio-frequency and millimeter-wave circuit design.

What are some typical research projects?

1. Modulation for wireless transmission of encoded speech and video packets

2. Analysis and design of communication antennas

3. Efficient decoding of Hermitian codes

4. An investigation of the smaller-than-normal wire antenna

5. Adaptive scheduling algorithms for time-slot assignment in distributed radio networks

6. Microstrip filters at high frequencies

7. Development of an RF direct-conversion transmitter for wireless applications

8. Linear distortion in cellular telephone systems

9. Emerging applications of CDMA

10. Support for multimedia traffic in mobile, distributed, multiple-hop wireless networks

11. Network protocols for ad hoc, wireless network with multimedia traffic

12. Preliminary investigation on electromagnetic interference (EMI) due to power lines on nearby communication network

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College of Engineering and Science -- Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wireless Communications Program

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