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SURE -- Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

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What some past SURE program participants say about their experiences:

"Through my participation in the SURE program, I was able to experience first-hand what the graduate-school research environment is like."
                        Jenneca Ward (Carnegie Mellon University)
                        2002 SURE Program

"I met great people from all over the country, I conducted research that was both interesting and relevant to my studies, I learned a great deal about graduate school, I had fun, and I got paid. I can't imagine a better way to spend the summer."
                        Brian Wolf (Clemson University)
                        2002 SURE Program

"My research in the SURE program has broadened my understanding of numerical methods in electromagnetics. And it's nice to work one-on-one with a professor, which I don't get to do during the academic year."
                        Brad Ellis (Harvard University)
                        2002 SURE Program

"The SURE program allowed me to explore graduate studies, work one on one with professors, talk with graduate students, and gain valuble research experience.  I recommend the program to anyone considering an advanced degree in electrical engineering."
                        Andrew Bolstad (Iowa State University)
                        2002 SURE Program

"I really enjoyed learning some of the aspects of wireless communication at a higher level than in my undergraduate courses. The SURE program also gave me an idea of what it would be like to be a grad student, so when graduation approached, I was able to make a more informed decision about what to do next."
                        Tommy Royster (Louisiana State University)
                        2001 SURE Program

"The SURE program was an excellent experience which helped me to prepare for graduate school. I was able to gain understanding about the types of projects I might work on as part of graduate work as well as the many opportunities offered by a graduate degree."
                        Gigi Grizzard (North Carolina State University)
                        2002 SURE Program

"In the SURE program I finally met others who shared my passion for knowledge in Electrical Engineering and more specifically wireless communications. I was able to conduct research next to them and share ideas. This experience has been the single most important career guiding event of my college life, hands down."
                        Bob Daniels (Penn. State University)
                        2003 SURE Program

"The SURE program was a great way to tell if graduate school was right for me. I learned a lot of things during my research that most undergraduates would never be exposed to, and I had a lot of fun doing it."
                        Eric Tollefson (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)
                        2004 SURE Program

"The SURE program gave me an opportunity to work among highly motivated students and with excellent professors who genuinely care about their students and school. I learned so much technically and personally which will undoubtedly affect my future plans. I feel honored to have been a participant, and I would highly recommend the program."
                        Jenni Christensen
                        (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)
                        2004 SURE Program

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