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About the Solid Green Campaign

Students getting involved with Solid Green activities at Clemson University, Clemson South CarolinaOriginally an anti-litter campaign, Solid Green's primary purpose was to bring faculty, staff and students together to help clean up trash left over from the weekend.

It has since evolved into a full-blown sustainability effort at Clemson University under the Solid Green brand. The brand has become familiar enough to be recognized as an ongoing push for sustainable habits and practices. The Solid Green logo appears on almost anything that has to do with recycling or energy savings. Our branding goal is to make people think twice about throwing away an item, turning off a light switch or using less of something that could be reduced, reused or recycled.

Volunteering for the Adopt-A-Spot, Game Day Recycling or Eco Rep Program, are all the ways people can take part in Solid Green efforts. Also, students can do small things every day such as recycling when possible, turning off the lights when not in use, turning off or leaving a computer in standby, choosing to walk or bus to campus and using reusable items whenever possible. Clemson Recycling has an approximate 25 percent recycling rate. We also have hundreds of volunteers who come out to Solid Green events such as our annual Solid Green Day and Game Day Recycling.

Our student volunteer program is called the Solid Green Club. Students who join help promote the message of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" across campus.