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Campus Partners:

President's Commission on Sustainability (PCS): The Solid Green Committee reports their activities to the PCS

Clemson Home — University Housing and Dining: Sustainability is not something only future generations need to worry about; it’s a real issue that Clemson students, faculty and staff face every day. Learn how housing and dining are contributing to Clemson's sustainability efforts.

Students for Environmental Action (SEA): Students for Environmental Action is a student group with a common goal of striving for a better environment. By working together, we are able to pursue that goal to make fundamental changes at Clemson University and the surrounding area.

Civic Engagement: The Civic Engagement Office offers opportunities for students to engage in service experiences, which will promote civic participation, build community capacity and enhance the educational process.

Area Partners:

PalmettoPridePalmetto Pride
PalmettoPride is committed to the eradication of litter and the promotion of beautification in South Carolina. We will accomplish this by leading the effort to motivate and organize groups to clean up existing debris. Our focus is on four essential areas of concern: education, enforcement, awareness and pickup resulting in behavioral change.

City of Clemson

City of Clemson
The City of Clemson is partnering with the University to keep the entire Clemson community litter-free.

Keep America Beautiful
Keep America Beautiful Inc. is the nation's largest nonprofit community improvement and educational organization, founded in 1953 with three areas of focus: litter prevention; beautification and community improvement; and waste reduction.

Keep America Beautiful

There is a national network of more than 565 Keep America Beautiful affiliates and hundreds more participating organizations who help millions of volunteers take actions in thousands of communities across the United States and internationally. Working with businesses, schools, neighborhood groups and local governments to improve land, waters and built environment, they provide programs that help communities reduce, reuse and recycle.