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T3S Video Library
You can view and/or print a copy of the catalog by clicking on the 2006 video catalog link. The catalog is 51 pages including an alphabetical index. If you do not wish to print the entire document, you can also request a copy be mailed to you. To request a copy of a video or catalog, you can print the order form on page 3 and fax it to 864 - 656 - 2670.
To expedite the video request process, we have created an online shopping cart where you can select the videos that you would like to order and check them out by completing a form online. You can submit an online video request by clicking the link below.
Online Video Request (Opens in a New Window)
If you are looking for videos from a specific category (ex. Bridges) You can search the video catalog either by Video Name or by Video Category and submit an online video request.
Search Video Catalog (Opens in a New Window)

T3S Publication Library
To view the list of all publications in the T3S Library, click the link below. You can also submit an online Publication request. Most Publications are free and are yours to keep.
Online Publication Request (Opens in a New Window)
If you experience any problems with the online video request or have any questions regarding the online request send us an email to t3s@ces.clemson.edu or call us at 864-656-6141