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  Research and Development Executive Committee  

The Research and Development Executive Committee (RDEC) guides and directs the Department’s research program. This Committee has overall responsibility for the operation of the Research Unit, including fiscal accountability; reviewing and prioritizing research topics for development as research projects; monitoring progress of on-going studies and implementation of results from completed studies. The research staff serves as support for the RDEC and makes regular progress reports and presentations at Committee meetings.

Membership is composed of high-level managers from all major units in Headquarters, a representative from the Office of Materials and Research, two field representatives, and a representative from the FHWA. The makeup and organization of the Committee is shown below:

Mr. John Walsh, Deputy Secretary for Engineering, Chairman
Mr. Ron Patton, Chief Engineer for Planning, Location and Design
Mr. Clem Watson, Chief Engineer for Operations
Ms. Christy Hall, Deputy Secretary for Finance & Administration
Mr. Doug Frate, Deputy Secretary for Intermodal and Freight Programs
Mr. Leland Colvin, Director of Construction
Mr. Jim Feda, Director of Maintenance
Mr. Mitchell Metts, Director of Preconstruction
Mr. Tony Sheppard, Director of Traffic Engineering
Mr. Mark Lester, Director of Planning
Mr. Steve Gwinn, District Engineering Administrator, District No. 3
Mr. Robert Clark, District Engineering Administrator, District No. 6
Mr. M. O. Fletcher, Materials and Research Engineer, Secretary
  Mr. Jim Garling, FHWA Division Pavement and Materials Engineer
    The Committee meets semiannually, usually in June and December.  
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