Clemson University hosted an annual "Band Day" that, in 1965, drew 1500 collegiate and high school musicians to perform at halftime in Memorial Stadium.

Twirlers were added to Tiger Band by 1961.

In 1961, Tiger Band was excited to receive a permanent home for the Department of Bands, consisting of a practice room, sound-proof private rooms, offices, storage and a library. This was located in the basement of Johnstone Hall and the room is still there today.

In 1962, the band traveled to Washington DC with director John H. Butler and while there, sang the Clemson University Alma Mater for President John F. Kennedy.

"Clemson establishes the Department of Music in the College of Liberal Arts with Dr. John H. Butler, Director of Bands and Associate Professor of Music Education, as head of the new academic unit." (The Tiger, July 25, 1969)

A 100-piece Tiger Band performed the halftime show of the Baltimore Colts and MInnesota Vikings football game on Sunday, November 15, 1964; which was televised on CBS.


John H. Butler 1960 - 1965, 1968 - 1969

Bruce F. Cook 1966 - 1967, 1970, 1973 - 1981



The above picture and following text were found in the 1961 Tiger Band Yearbook:

Among many other advancements at Clemson College this year was the establishing of permanent quarters for the Department of Bands. After many years of being shifted around campus, the department now has a fine series of band rooms located in the basement of the Dormitory building (now known as Johnstone Hall). All bands may rehearse in these rooms without the moving of instruments and equipment from one part of the campus to another.

The band quarters consist of a main office, where all students are welcomed; a private office for the director; a large rehearsal room, where all instruments and music may be left in place; three sound-proof private practice rooms; an instrument storage room and a uniform storage room. All these rooms are air-conditioned and accessible from the main rehearsal room.

The walls have now been decorated with pictures of bands and band personalities from the past years and are of great interest to old band members returning to the college for a visit. Visitors are always welcome in the band room.

The following introduction was found in the front page of the 1961 Tiger Band Yearbook:

The Department of Bands at Clemson College comprises four bands: the TIGER BAND, the marching band composed of approximately 100 members; the Concert Band, consisting of 45 of the better musicians of campus; and the Army and Air Force ROTC Bands.

TIGER BAND and Concert Band are totally volunteer organizations, and no academic credit is granted for participation. No scholarships are available. The Army and Air Force bands function as drill units with the respective ROTC complements.

All entering freshmen, transfer students, and students currently enrolled in the college are eligible for membership in these bands. A simple audition is the only prerequisite. Instruments are available to those who need them and are furnished without cost. Freshman who wish to become members of the TIGER BAND are asked to report to the campus a few days before registration in the fall so that they may be auditioned and receive some training before the balance of the band arrives. Concert Band does not begin rehearsals until after marching season is over.

The office of the Department of Bands is administered by director of bands John L. Butler, under the Division of Student Affairs. He rehearses and directs all four bands. Interested high school seniors and transfer students should write the Department of Bands for additional information.


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