While standing on the steps of the Capitol Building with Senator Strom Thurmond, Tiger Band was once jokingly threatened with being arrested for demonstrating without a license when cheering a “C-L-E-M cadence count”.

The shouting introduction “…And now, the song that shakes the Southland – Tiger Rag!” was coined by former band announcer Kevin Morris.

In the 1980's Dr. Richard Goodstein added the "CLEMSON" spell-out to the end of half-time shows.

Tiger Band offered a “reading band” class in 1984, for students and community members interested in learning to read band music

1984 also marked the first time Tiger Band began using computers to create drill formations. At the time, the band had grown to 276 musicians, flags and twirlers.

IPTAY provided the funds needed to purchase uniforms in 1987.


Bruce F. Cook 1966 - 1967, 1970, 1973 - 1981

Richard E. Goodstein 1982 - 1989


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