Q: What is Tiger Band?

A: Tiger Band is the marching band of Clemson University. It is composed of winds, percussion, and auxiliary units (color guard, dancers, and twirlers). Tiger Band is the "Band that Shakes the Southland" and they show their spirit and pride by performing every Saturday during football season in front of 80,000 fans in Death Valley.

Q: Will I have time to be a member of Tiger Band?

A: Yes! Rehearsals are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 4:00 to 6:00PM and Saturday mornings prior to Home games. All academic majors are represented within the membership of Tiger Band. Current Members will tell you that you always have time to do the things that you enjoy, and most Tiger Band members see rehearsal as a much needed break from their studies.

Q: Does it cost anything to be a member of Tiger Band?

A: Tiger Band members are asked to purchase their own marching shoes, an "official" Tiger band T-shirt, and have the option of buying a Tiger Band hat. All other uniform items and all travel costs (meals, hotels, etc.) are provided free of charge.

Q: Can Clemson University provide me with an instrument if I do not own one?

A: All of the usual "school-owned" instruments and equipment are provided to members of the band. Other instruments can be provided as well if needed.

Q: Does Tiger Band travel to away and bowl games?

A: Tiger Band is one of the few college bands in the country to perform at all of their team's conference away games. There are usually two full-band trips, and all other away games are attended by a large pep-band. Tiger Band also travels as a full-band to any post-season events; including the 2009 Music City Bowl, as well as the Champ Sports, Peach, Humanitarian, Gator, Independence, Citrus, Hall of Fame and Orange Bowl games. All travel expenses are covered by the Clemson University Athletic Department.

Q: Do I receive academic credit for participating in Tiger Band?

A: Yes! Tiger Band is an academic class offered by the Department of Performing Arts. Members earn 1 hour of academic credit that can be used as elective credit in any major. Members of the percussion section and all auxiliary units earn a second hour of credit for extra rehearsals.

Q: Are class conflicts allowed?

A: Yes. As each individual studentís academic schedule varies, Tiger Band members may have a required class or lab that conflicts with band rehearsal. With advance approval by the director, these class conflicts are allowed.

Q: Are most of the students in Tiger Band performing arts majors?

A: No. Nearly every major that is offered on the Clemson campus is represented in Tiger Band from Accounting to Wildlife and Fisheries Biology.

Q: How will membership in Tiger Band contribute to my career preparation?

A: Membership in Tiger Band can provide unique opportunities for students to develop their teamwork and leadership skills while participating in a large, highly respected campus organization. In addition, members have life-long opportunities to "network" with Clemson students and alumni from all disciplines.

Q: Are there band scholarships available?

A: Yes. A number of band scholarships are available to qualified musicians. Band scholarships are talent-based and average approximately $500.00 per semester. These scholarships require participation in Tiger Band and Symphonic Band, and they are automatically renewed each semester that a student remains active in the band program. Scholarship auditions are held annually from January through March for the following academic year.

Q: If I participate in Tiger Band, am I required to play in any other band?

A: Each of the bands at Clemson are offered as separate classes. Though there is no requirement to participate in any other band, many Tiger Band members also choose to participate in Symphonic Band (Music 362), Jazz Ensemble (Music 363), Concert Band (Music 364), Basketball Pep Band (Music 331), or various percussion ensembles. Additionally, many band students choose to study their instrument privately (Music 151).

Q: Is there anything unique about performing in Tiger Band?

A: Yes! Tiger Band has built a reputation as one of the finest college marching bands in the country. Unlike many high school bands that perform a single competition show the entire season, Tiger Band performs several different shows each season. The difficulty level of the music and drills for any given show is based on the amount of rehearsals available prior to the performance. Like most college bands, members may use music on the field, so it is not necessary to spend time memorizing music. There is no place in the country more exciting for a marching band to perform than Clemsonís "Death Valley" on Saturday afternoon in front of more than 80,000 fans.

Q: Is Tiger Band fun?

A: Yes! Some of your most memorable times at Clemson University student will be as a member of time of Tiger Band. Students in the band develop friendships that last a lifetime, and each fall former members return from across the country to perform Tiger Rag "one more time" as a member of the Alumni Band. If you liked performing in you high school marching band, you will truly enjoy performing as a member of "THE BAND THAT SHAKES THE SOUTHLAND."

Q: How do I enroll in Tiger Band?

A: New Clemson University students may register for Tiger Band (Music 361, Section 1 for 1 credit hour) during their orientation visit to campus in the summer or when they arrive on campus in the fall. The University limits all incoming freshmen to a set number of credit hours during summer class registration; however, you may add Tiger Band to your schedule at the beginning of the fall semester. If you are unable to register for Tiger Band at orientation because you have reached your credit hour limit, you will be able to add Tiger Band (or other bands) after classes begin. Current Clemson students may register during their assigned registration period or when they arrive in the fall.

Q: When do rehearsals begin?

A: Band Camp takes place during the week before classes start. A detailed rehearsal schedule and additional information concerning auditions will be sent to interested students in early July.

Q: How do I obtain more information?

A: A detailed rehearsal schedule and additional information concerning auditions will be sent to interested students in early July. Please do not hesitate to contact the Band Office if you have any questions.